The Best Church Murals for Your Kids Space

Since 2004, we’ve created unique kids’ church murals all over the United States. Our murals are custom designed and hand painted so each mural is an original work of art. Not every church building and not every congregation is the same so why should your art be the same as everyone else’s?

Imagination Atmospheres understands that murals for your children’s ministry space must be more than just decoration. Kids’ minds are stimulated to learn by their environment. A well designed children’s space gives you the optimal opportunity to teach in a haven of fun, creativity and inspiration. Studies show when kids are inspired, they want to return often so it’s vital you give them the proper creative surrounding. Our church murals have proven time and time again to provide that creative learning atmosphere kids want to come back to regularly and often.

Because our kid’s murals are custom designed, we work with you from the beginning of the process to create something that works best for your unique space and budget. We don’t try to force you to purchase preprinted wallpaper or stickers that will soon start peeling off of your walls. We paint your murals using high quality acrylic wall paint allowing for safe clean up, easy touch ups or emergency maintenance.

We also don’t use a limited catalogue of mural designs. Your options are as infinite as your imagination! Bible story murals telling the stories of Noah’s Ark, Jonah and the Fish, Moses, Jesus or Daniel and the Lion’s Den can be designed for your particular children’s church space. Additionally, designs such as jungle adventure, main street, African safari, space, sports and countless other themes can be created for your space.

Start Planning

We can start planning and designing a custom muraled space for your church today so contact Imagination Atmospheres and let’s get started!