Bible Story Murals

Bible story murals are by far our most popular requested theme for murals. We’ve designed Bible story murals for both church and non-church spaces proving that the Bible stories have a wide-spread appeal. We’ve created murals of Noah’s Ark, Moses, Zacchaeus, Queen Esther, Jesus and the Apostles, characters from Jesus’ parables, David and Goliath, Samson and Delilah and many others.

One of the major challenges with creating Bible story murals is in portraying the stories; how to stay true to the message, yet be creative in the telling. At Imagination Atmospheres, we’ve found that children and young people respond very well to humor and we believe humor can be a valid teaching tool. We incorporate humor and whimsy in many of our cartoon Bible stories – not in an irreverent way but in a way that encourages children to look at the story in a new light. It brings a fresh understanding to stories that have been told the same way for centuries.

Contact Imagination Atmospheres and let us design fresh and original Bible story murals for your space.